OMG I’m still shocked over what happened this week! So here I am thinking I’m about to attend a business meeting only to open the door and bombarded by a group of fabulous sweet ladies shouting out,
“Surprise…Congratulations”! I’m like huh what are you talking about!!! They went on to explain to me that I was attending MY VISION PARTY! I was so overwhelmed with love as they shouted out, “We are so proud of you, you’re a great success, and how does it feel to walk in your destiny”! Ok some of you may be thinking what Is a Vision Party! It’s when a group of people come together and celebrate your success and act as though you have already achieved your goals, visions, and dreams. It was truly cameras, lights, and action….they even interviewed me! Lol It was so much fun!!!! They went out of their way to make me feel special, important, and valued and that truly touched my heart! Words can’t express how grateful I
am to have recieved so much love and support!

As I have been shown love and support I want to spread some love and encouragement to you my friend! Don’t give up on your dreams! You have God given greatness on the inside of you. Stay your course and keep pursuing your passion! Write the vision and make it plain! Keep the vision before your face! God’s favor will open the door so that you can win big in life! You are a success getting ready to happen!

Thanks for doing life with me! Let’s stay connected!

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