Feeling super excited regarding my recent decision! After weeks and weeks of contemplating should I or should I not I decided to just do it! Are you all ready to embark on another fun yet intense journey with your girl from start to finish?

I love being Naturally Me and after 15 years of being a Natural it’s most definitely not uncommon for me to change it , switch it up and deviate from the norm! I love sporting different hairstyles! As I am gearing up in preparation to “loc up” once again watch and witness the process! Yessssss your girl is preparing for Locs!!!! First step is to grow my hair out… Bye Bye short and sassy cut! Second Step is the Loc Installation process! Third step is to watch my beautiful locs transform from short to long!!! Thanks to the Grammy Winner and daughter of the Legendary Donnie Hathaway, the fabulous Lalah Hathaway has truly inspired this hair journey! Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy but yet fun ride!!!


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