It’s not uncommon for me to take 2-3 days out of each week just to drift away and Dream Bigger! I give my imagination permission to take me to amazing places to behold wonderful things! I heard my mentor quote, “It cost you nothing to dream”. What a profound statement! Well if that’s the case it would be insane for me not to indulge myself in weekly “Free Dreaming Sessions” lol

Dreaming Bigger ignites my faith while giving me the confidence and courage to step out on my endeavors! As I am meditating on the desires of my heart or pondering over the things I desire to have, places I would love to go, and accomplishments I want to achieve I always set the bar high! Yes, I think above and beyond! Why? Well this is my adopted philosophy, “Reach for the sky and land on the roof”! lol

It’s important to have dreams that are bigger than we’re you are right now! Unfortunately, for some people dreaming bigger is more of a headache rather than a peaceful mental journey. It makes them depress because they are not happy with we’re they are in life and then on top of that trying to figure how to fund their dreams so that it can become a reality is totally overwhelming for them. Okay, I get it and totally understand the struggle! This is what Ole Shelly wants you to do! Go ahead an Dream Bigger! If money was not an issue where would your imagination take you?!?!  Remember, “It cost you nothing to dream”!

Today’s Challenge! Carve out a little bit of time from your busy schedule to relax, turn off the TV, silence your phone, break away from the family, quiet your soul, and close your eyes and see yourself fulfilling your purpose, traveling all over the world, and accomplishing your goals! See yourself winning Big and possessing those things you desire to have!

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