Growing up the rule in our house was no dating until 16 years old. My mother made it real clear NO BOYFRIENDS until then. I was 13 years old when I met Jeff!!! O my goodness I thought he was the finest thing that ever walked the planet! He was so cute and still is! lol Knowing the rule, Jeff waited until I turned 16! Midnight could not come fast enough on my 16th birthday we made it official!! Massey was mine, he became my boyfriend! We dated clean up until the time we got married surviving only one breakup. I was out of my mind to even think “the grass was green on the other side”! lol I quickly came to my senses realizing that Jeff was the right man for me!

As we celebrate our 17th Anniversary I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving and joy! We are still together building upon our legacy of love! We are so blessed to have each other! I completely understand now that marriage is a journey and it’s truly what you make of it! Having learned from our past mistakes in our marriage we are constantly making adjustments so that we can experience a long lasting, happy, and successful union together!

I’ll be the first to say our marriage has not always been a bed of roses and we have had our fair share of marital problems but we got through it! I understand so well that a great marriage is more than just saying, “I Love You”! It derives from actions of love!


Check it out! Here are 6 Lessons learned after 17 years of Marriage.


  1. Display Affection:

Hold hands and kiss a lot!


  1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate:

Talk about the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. Allow your

spouse to share truthfully and honestly from his/her heart without feeling afraid or

intimidated of what you might say or do now that you know how he/she feels.


  1. Yearly Marriage Counseling:

Sitting down with a marriage counselor at least once a year for a “Yearly Check Up”

is a great way to fine tune your marriage and discuss any concerns in the marriage.

It’s good to have a mediator between you and your spouse someone who is not bias

and can judge fairly!


  1. Weekend Getaways:

Kids, the dogs…. NO ONE is welcomed on this trip just you and your spouse! Go play

and enjoy 2-3 days of fun and excitement!


  1. Say I’m sorry:

Apologizing is one way to heal, restore, repair a broken heart! When you

make a mistake…fix it! Let your spouse know you love him/her and say SORRY!


  1. Pray For Your Spouse:

Prayer has a huge impact on your marriage

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