Childhood Musical Memories

As a child, I had a fascination with music and I desired to sing more than I cared to breath! Lol I can recall constantly singing around the house. I throughly enjoyed my private, in the the laundry room concerts! My best friends we’re my spoons (Spoons made the best microphones)! Music and singing made me come alive!

Overtime, I began to develop a zeal for song writing. It quickly became a hobby and I spent countless hours writing songs that conveyed stories and messages of hope. I realized my song writing style was unique and that my music touched people in a special way. I didn’t know how and I sure didn’t know when but deep within my heart I believed that one day I would be able to share my God given gifts and talents with the masses.


 Wow! Dreams really do come true

Meeting my mentor, the founder, creator of Gospel Jazz, #Ben Tankard was a major game changing moment for Me!  Although, I was raised listening to more traditional Gospel Music in which I loved and still love however, during this time working with him, I began to really embrace my own singing and writing style that consisted of a non traditional gospel sound. While recording and touring the country with Ben Tankard as the featured artist on 3 of his best selling albums, writing and co-writing for and with him, also performing on the Bravo Network for the #Thicker Than Water, the Tankard’s Reality Show, as well as co-writing the Jingle Song for the #Jewel Tankard Show (Ben’s Wife) has been nothing short of a blessing.


The moment I had been waiting for

After years of traveling and performing with Ben, I finally stepped out and did it! I finally released my first solo project entitled, “You’re All I Need”. The songs that we’re stored in my heart for years became a favorite to so many! All I can say is mission accomplished! Since the debut of my album I continue to receive numerous testimonies from the impact of the songs, radio spins, and my music can also be heard on Pandora.

Why stop now! There’s more to come! I’m super excited about sharing and releasing more great music this year! Be on the look out!


Doing Life With Shelly

When I’m not busy writing songs, recording & touring you can catch me Being Naturally Me, as I model the latest fashion while sporting my own personal style on my Instagram “Doing Life With Shelly” page. My fashion addiction is Real Lol….I LOVE FASHION! Another passion of mine is inspiring others to win through a Debt Free Life Style and Entrepreneurship! Watch and take this Financial Freedom Journey with my family and I, as I Blog and share our experiences, challenges, and victories in a transparent way as we demolish our debt.